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NOTIFIER continuously develops new technologies that improve fire and life safety ó an unwavering commitment thatís been in effect for over fifty years. Our decades of experience designing and manufacturing the industryís most advanced fire alarm and voice evacuation systems far exceed the five year minimum recommended by the Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) standard 4-021-01 for Mass Notification Systems. Furthermore, our mass notification solutions can easily integrate with NOTIFIER fire alarm systems, or operate independently as a standalone system.

Smaller Scale Mass Notification

FireVoice 25/50

Using a combination of interior and exterior speakers, and amber strobes, NOTIFIERís FireVoice 25/50 will alert an entire building of an emergency situation, and instruct the occupants on the appropriate course of action. Live emergency paging is easily accomplished using the FireVoice 25/50ís integrated microphone.

Distributed Digital Voice Evacuation

Digital Voice Command

Digital Voice Command (DVC) systems can be distributed throughout multiple
buildings and linked together via the NOTI-FIRE-NET intelligent network. Each
system can operate independently in case of a building-specific emergency, or
cohesively as part of unified mass notification system for
large-scale emergencies. Using the DVC command center,
authorized personnel can distribute emergency voice messages
to an entire campus or just to specific areas.

Mass Notification over IP Technology

ONYXWorks Workstation with NOTIFY-IP

NOTIFY-IP uses voice over IP technology to send live, direct voice instructions
for preserving life and property throughout a large facility, campus, or
multiple facilities across the world. Within seconds, facilities all over the
world can be notified of a potential or existing emergency. Activation of
NOTIFY-IP is simple; the operator selects the desired paging location(s),
clicks the “Start Paging” button, and speaks into the microphone with the
appropriate emergency message.


Licensed by the Alarm Systems Licensing Board of the State of North Carolina 2508-CSA Virginia DCJS ID# 11-6004 

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